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Let’s talk SQUATS! Yep, those dreaded exercises that resemble sitting in an invisible chair! Most people will tell you they don’t like to exercise! They definitely don’t like to do squats, because they are no fun, they tire you out quickly and they hurt! I am no fan of squats myself, but I will endorse them and recommend them to all my clients because they WORK!!

Squats will firm and lift your butt, and of course make your quads and hamstrings look like God himself scuplted them to look like “muscular works of art”, but there are so many other benefits to doing squats that most people know little to nothing about.

The FAB 4!! Want perfectly toned quads?? SQUAT!!! Yep, when you squat you maximize the functions of the quads. Basically, you work all 4 muscles of the quads at the same time and this increases your chances of fully developing them.

Get the HAM HOCK off your Hamstrings!! This is the muscle group that sits behind the thigh and make up most of the upper leg. Squats will work all those areas at the same time.

I’m rubber, you’re GLUTEUS!! Everybody want’s a JLo booty, or an Apple Bottom!! That perfectly round bottom that looks like you can bounce a quarter off it!! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!! Do some squats!! The gluteus muscle group is the place where women are most susceptible to dimples and cellulite! Squats provide MAXIMUM stimulation to this area, and will tone up and smooth out dimples/cellulite faster than most exercises.

Other MAJOR benefits of squatting:

  • You’ll tone muscle and notice less flabbyness faster
  • You’ll burn a lot of calories! Squats are an excellent CARDIO workout!
  • Increase flexibility in the lower body.
  • Engage your CORE without doing sit ups or crunches.
  • If you are a basketball player who likes to dunk, or a long jumper… squats will increase your ability to jump higher and longer.

The summer is coming! You want to look good in your shorts, skirts and sundresses right?! It’s time to SQUAT!!



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  • angelaostafichuk: It's so scary! Obesity is becoming a "BIG" problem! We are on the movement of eat less, eat better : ) It gets harder though when you get older...
  • sheletialatrice: Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.
  • TaQuinda Johnson: This is awesome! I will never look at cleaning the same :)