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Most “On-the-Go” professionals are notorious for skipping breakfast. From the moment they wake up they are off and running; planning the next business deal, working on the next dispostion, meeting a new client, treating the next patient. Sad thing is, most of them are fully exhausted by the end of the night, but have to get up and do the same thing the next day. Whether you are a Lawyer, Doctor, Entrepreneur, Nurse, Real Estate agent or any other profession that demands long hours and busy days you need to make sure you give your body what it needs sustain itself. Here are some tips I believe will help keep your body fueled, so that you will be able to complete your “busy” work day with energy to spare.

#1 Start off the day with Breakfast!

Breakfast is SO important for a number of reasons, but let’s just deal with two for now. Your body needs energy for EVERYTHING you do throughout the day, from walking to talking, writing, sitting, standing and even driving.  You exert energy every time you move and if you have no energy to exert it’s no wonder you are completely zapped at the end of the day. Breakfast is the first source of energy you give to your body in the morning. Energy going in equals energy going out! Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, which is basically the way your body processes the body’s energy. Everything you eat whether good or bad is metabolized and used for energy or stored as fat. When you don’t eat enough or often enough throughout the day your body begins to store what little you do eat as fat. This stored fat can be used as energy but it takes a lot longer for the body to process, 6 hours actually. So think about this, you have to work an 8 hour shift  but you failed to eat breakfast, so now your body has to process stored fat for energy. This energy won’t even available for your body to use until 2 hours before you go home from work! Which brings me to my next point, when you consume breakfast in the morning your body sends signals to your brain that tells your brain that it doesn’t have to use fat as an energy source AND that it doesn’t have to store fat in the body at all that day.

It’s time to Re-Think Breakfast!

Most people don’t eat breakfast at all.  It’s usually because they don’t think they have the time, but you do have the time to get in a nutritious and filling breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t have to be complex! We’ve gotten so BIG minded as a society that we forget the power of small things.  Remember that phrase “Big things come in small packages”?, well this is absolutely true for breakfast. One of the best ways for getting a nutritious breakfast in is making a smoothie. You can make it as big as you want or as small as you want! It’s take about 5 minutes in a blender, a few SIMPLE ingredients and cup! That’s not difficult. Especially if you wake up and brew a cup of coffee in the morning!

Smoothies are the fastest breakfast you can consume! Faster then hopping in the line and McDonalds or Burger King, and definitely better for you! You can add all sorts of yummy things to your smoothie once you know the basic building block of a smoothie. Juice or milk (I use almond milk) and frozen or fresh fruit (or a combination of frozen and fresh)! Simple enough right?The options with smoothies are limitless. You can use every fruit you can think of.  Use a protein powder to help give those muscles the animos needed to support movement. If you want to get full enough to last til lunch time try adding some organic/all natural granola, or oatmeal, peanut butter or  fresh nuts. Blend that with a little frozen strawberrys some milk and a teaspoon of turbinado (pure cane sugar).

Other Quick Breakfast Options

  • Oatmeal: It’s quick and easy, and just like a smoothie you can add things to oatmeal. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, peanut butter! So get creative!
  • Scrambled Eggs: Another quick and easy option that you can also ADD things to. You can pre slice veggies like onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomato, mushrooms and store them in a plastic storage bag together or seperate and then add them to eggs in the morning and scramble. Pair it with a piece of 100% whole wheat/grain toast.
  • Fruit Salad: Again you can pre slice fruit in advanced and mix and match them as you like. If you want to make it interesting, sprinkle a little granola on top to give it some crunch.

For a larger breakfast that is STILL quick and easy pair any of these together: A smoothie with scrambled eggs, or oatmeal with a fruit salad! Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast! No more excuses.

#2 Keep small snacks in your car, purse or desk drawer!

One of the best things you can do for yourself is keep snacks on hand! Fruit (fresh or dried), nuts, granola, cheese, yogurt. All hand held snacks and all things you can take on the go with you. Another good in between meal snack is hummus or salsa. Paired with whole wheat tortillas or pita and you have a healthy filling snack.  The more “readily” available you have good sources of energy the less likey you will find yourself taking trips to the vending maching for “not so” good sources. Of course if you live in a hot state like I do, there is a  limit to what you can keep in your car, so keep that in mind.

The more small snacks you eat throughout the day the smaller the chance of you “over eating” at dinner. So make an effort to snack smart!


# 3   Take at least 1 PLANNED day a month to do NOTHING!!

Yes, I said nothing!! “… and on the 7th day he rested.”  Arguably the  GREATEST thing you can do for your body at times is ABSOLUTELY nothing! And what I mean when I say nothing is well… NOTHING!! Nothing that causes you to stress, nothing that causes you anxiety, nothing that causes you to not be relaxed!! Every now and again you need those days where you lounge around in your pajamas, reading a book, contimplating whether or not to shower! It helps your body recover from all the stresses (mental, emotional and physical) you encounter on a daily basis. So seriously, take some real “me” time. You’ll thank yourself later.

Helping you “Live Better & Live Longer”

Shay ~


100% All Natural Whole Wheat Pita Pockets

Tyson Oven Roasted Diced Chicken (freezer section)

4 Leaves of Red Leaf Lettuce

4 slices of tomato (cut in halves)

4 slices All Natural Swiss Cheese (cut in halves)

Kraft Olive Oil Mayonnaise

Heat the Chicken according to the instructions on the package. Soften the Pita Pockets in the microwave to make them more pliable, about 20 seconds. Spread mayo on inside of pita (one side only). Put cheese, then tomato on the same side as mayo. ( 2 halves of each) Add lettuce and chicken. Serve along side sliced fresh fruit and your favorite all natural yogurt. ENJOY!!

For the Pass few months I have been working towards pursuing a career in the Health and Wellness industry, and I am proud to say that I have completed a few steps in the process. I have taken my Test for Aerobics Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer and passed with a 97%. I also joined a trillion dollar Health and Wellness company as a distributor and will be traveling over the great state of Texas as well as other states when invited, to teach people how to live longer healthier lives. My next step is to acquire my Certification as a Nutritionist and eventually say good bye to my 9-5!!

Taking care of yourself is SO important! I can’t even begin to stress just how important it is. As a Trainer, Health Consult and aspiring Nutritionist it is my mission to help people from all walks of life improve their quality of health.

There is a trend in the Health/Weight Loss industry, and that trend is “starting a diet/program/weight loss system, but not finishing!”. Often times the reason people don’t finish what they start is because the goal was to unrealistic for the amount of time they set out to achieve it!

Here are some things to remember when starting ANY Weight loss endeavor:

1. Make small lifestyle changes at a time: Don’t try and change your entire lifestyle in 7 days, or even 30 days for that matter. You’ve been developing your current habits your whole life. They won’t be broken over night, so be patient. When you make smaller changes at a time, you increase your chances of completing any program you start.

  • Example: If you are a person who eats a lot of sweets (sugars), replace your sweet cravings one craving at a time with a good sugar like the sugars found in fruits. Remember ONE CRAVING AT A TIME!!!

2. Increase your water intake: Water is a natural appetite suppressant, so drink plenty of it! The minimum every adult shoud be drinking is 64 ounces per day. Recent studies have shown that we should try and drink at least half our body weight, but start with the 64 ounces. It’s possible!

  • The average american drink 5 cups of coffee per day!! 5 cups!!! that’s 40 ounces of COFFEE!!!
  • Just like I stated above, make small changes. If you aren’t a water drinker you are probably not going to go from drinking no water to drinking 64 ounces everyday in a week. So again, make small changes at a time. Start off drinking 1-2 8 ounce cups before the close of your work day. Thats only 16 ounces in a 8 hour period!!!
  • Gradually increase as you and your body are ready! Try drinking a glass of water with you dinner BEFORE you drink juice or soda.

3. Find a 30-Day Meal Plan & Shopping List: Most often times Nutritionist/Doctors and other Wellness Professionals will have sample meal plans and a grocery list located somewhere on their website. Don’t think you have to start one from scratch, use the internet as a resource when you are first starting out! Let the Professionals do the work for you, and you focus on staying the course. I mean why not? They’ve already planned the meals and written out the grocery list. Doesn’t get any easier then that.

  • Most 30 day meal plans will be based on a specific daily Calorie intake so you may need to increase or decrease the amount of food based on your daily calorie needs.* A good meal plan & shopping list to help you get started can be found on It was created by Dr. Ian Smith, he is most known for his role on Celebrity Fit Club.

4.Get an Accountability Partner: Yep, sometimes we need that extra push from a loved one or friend! Unfortunately when choosing an accountabilty partner most people choose someone on the same fitness level as them!! BIG MISTAKE!! You want to choose someone who is already PROVEN, someone who is beyond the phase you are in! Encouragment goes a long way so don’t be afraid to ask for it, or HELP when you need it.

5. Start a Work Out Plan: Now that you’ve started to make small changes in your eating habits and water intake, your body will begin to be able to handle the physical demands of a work out! So now is the time to start! Again don’t go at it alone! If you can’t afford a trainer/gym membership this is when you can call on your Accountability partner to help! Also, use the internet as a resource! The safest way to begin a at-home work out is to purchase a work out video, these are professionals who know the art of working out as well as the mechanics of the human body so let them teach you!

  • Just because a work out plan promises results in 30 days doesn’t mean you will have results in 30 days. Keep in mind everyone’s body is different.
  • If you haven’t worked out in a while or have never worked out, advance through the dvd slowly. So what if its a “Get Ripped in 4 Weeks” program, you have to assess your own ftiness level. Don’t be afraid to take it slow! You may just need to “Get Ripped in 12 Weeks” instead of 4! Again, we are making small changes over time.
  • ALWAYS seek the advice of your Medical Doctor before you start ANY work out program!

6. Create a Fitness Dream/Goal Board: This is one of the most effective MOTIVATIONAL things you can do for yourself. When you have the big picture up as a reminder, it’s less likely you’ll lose focus. So get to it! Remember, without a vision the people perish, but with a vision the people RUN!

7. Chart Your Progress in a Journal on a Notebook: This will keep you motivated as well! When you see progress, even little progress it helps to keep you on track. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR MOTIVATION KILLERS!! Even while charting, don’t let small changes or no change stifle you, you will have times when nothing changes on the outside. Your body is very complex, even though there may seem to be no physical change, trust me, there is internal change taking place!! So stay the course!!!

  • Do weekly “Mirror Motivation Moments”: stand in the mirror and look at your body, talk to yourself out loud about the changes you see, and the changes you want to see. Start loving yourself again.
  • Remind yourself just how capable you are of being in control of your body and your own health. After all, you are worth it!

8. Pick a realistic weight loss goal : Shows like Biggest Loser are awesome, I love them. However, they are COMPLETELY unrealistic for the average American. Those folks are on a show, secluded in a house away from family, friends and most weight effecting temptations, surrounded by trainers and doctors. YOU ARE NOT!! So don’t expect the same results! You don’t have a personal trainer & nutritionist and all of American cheering you on!

9. Get on a nutritional supplement plan that will compliment your weight loss goals. Nutritional supplements are a great asset when beginning a work out/life style change. Look for products that will naturally aid in the weight loss process! Organic, Herbal products that aren’t chemically altered or manufactured are what I STRONGLY recommend! It’s also best if you get them in powder or liquid form, this allows for faster absorbtion by the body without wasting any product.

  • If you have questions about how to get on a Supplement Plan or have any questions, I can help you. I advise you to seek the advice of a Wellness Professional such as a Trainer or Nutritionist so that they can help you maximize your weight loss.

10. Love yourself enough to live better: You’d be suprised how many people start a weight loss program to impress someone else! THAT’S ALMOST A GUARANTEE FOR FAILURE!!! The person you are trying to impress can be here today and gone tomorrow. You have to do this for you!! We spend way too much energy trying to impress people who don’t really like us!

  • Keep these things in mind always: Anything done in excess is NOT good for you, that includes sleeping, eating, drinking, and even WORKING OUT!!
  • Don’t overload yourself! Take it easy when you need to… Love yourself enough to know when to PUSH and when NOT TO PUSH!
  • Be honest with YOURSELF about your fitness level. If you can’t do it, then you can’t do it don’t feel guilty! As you continue making changes and working out your body will be able to handle a more intense work out. If you can do it… DO IT!! No Excuses!!

I pray that you all have a life full of Health Successes!! My goal it to help you “LIVE BETTER & LIVE LONGER!!

Let’s talk SQUATS! Yep, those dreaded exercises that resemble sitting in an invisible chair! Most people will tell you they don’t like to exercise! They definitely don’t like to do squats, because they are no fun, they tire you out quickly and they hurt! I am no fan of squats myself, but I will endorse them and recommend them to all my clients because they WORK!!

Squats will firm and lift your butt, and of course make your quads and hamstrings look like God himself scuplted them to look like “muscular works of art”, but there are so many other benefits to doing squats that most people know little to nothing about.

The FAB 4!! Want perfectly toned quads?? SQUAT!!! Yep, when you squat you maximize the functions of the quads. Basically, you work all 4 muscles of the quads at the same time and this increases your chances of fully developing them.

Get the HAM HOCK off your Hamstrings!! This is the muscle group that sits behind the thigh and make up most of the upper leg. Squats will work all those areas at the same time.

I’m rubber, you’re GLUTEUS!! Everybody want’s a JLo booty, or an Apple Bottom!! That perfectly round bottom that looks like you can bounce a quarter off it!! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!! Do some squats!! The gluteus muscle group is the place where women are most susceptible to dimples and cellulite! Squats provide MAXIMUM stimulation to this area, and will tone up and smooth out dimples/cellulite faster than most exercises.

Other MAJOR benefits of squatting:

  • You’ll tone muscle and notice less flabbyness faster
  • You’ll burn a lot of calories! Squats are an excellent CARDIO workout!
  • Increase flexibility in the lower body.
  • Engage your CORE without doing sit ups or crunches.
  • If you are a basketball player who likes to dunk, or a long jumper… squats will increase your ability to jump higher and longer.

The summer is coming! You want to look good in your shorts, skirts and sundresses right?! It’s time to SQUAT!!


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