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Eat More, Move Less? That’s the Trend!

Posted on: May 13, 2012

 One of the most important parts of weight loss is learning to “listen” to your body and recognize its signals. Most of us either consume “too much” or consume “too little”. So, how do we recognize when it’s time to stop eating?  I’m going to deal with over eating in this blog, and we’ll save under eating for another time.

 As a society we’ve been so programmed to just “eat” whatever and whenever. This of course, is not a healthy practice. Fast food drive-thru windows are staying open later than ever; some are even 24 hours a day. You can just about cure any craving with a quick run to the 24 Hour Gas Station, 24 Pharmacy, 24 Hour Department Store & 24 Hour Fast Food Restaurant.   

 With that being said it’s no wonder the average American consumes between 2100 – 2700 calories per today. The recommended daily caloric intake for a man between the ages of 31 – 50 is 2000 calories, for a woman between 31 – 50 it’s 1800 calories per day. As you can see, on average, as Americans we are teetering well above the recommended daily amount. However, though the daily calorie intake is well above average, the daily activity rate is well BELOW average. Oh, but it gets worse! Statistically, of the 2100-2700 calories consumed 580 of those are reported to come from snacking. That’s enough calories to be considered a 4th meal! Now let me stop and clarify that those 580 calories aren’t just from chewing. The majority of that 580 “reportedly” comes from drinking beverages such as coffee, soda, juice and alcoholic beverages.

The fact is, fat accumulation is DRIVEN by the overconsumption of the WRONG types of foods. Our bodies are highly trainable, whether we train them in a positive or negative way will be based on the types of things we do to them and types of things we put in them. Regarding our food consumption, if we train our bodies to ALWAYS be eating, our bodies will adapt to this and constantly send us signals that we are hungry, even when we are not.


So how do we re-train our bodies to know when should stop eating? First, we have to understand that our body is designed to ‘alert” us when we approaching full. The reason I say approaching full is because you shouldn’t really be eating until you are completely full. If you are eating until you feel tight in the stomach you’ve eaten beyond the full capacity. Which brings me to my second point; you have to understand that your stomach is only about the size of a closed human fist and can hold approximately 2 quarts (8cups) of food.  This is important to know because it takes about 30 – 120 minutes for the stomach acids to breakdown the food and then pass it  from your stomach to your small intestines so that the process of digestion can be continue.

If we are going to re-train our bodies and allow it to let us know when we should stop eating, it is imperative that we are not eating CONSTANTLY. You have to give your stomach time to break down food, before you stuff it again with another meal. Ever been pumping gas in your car and the gas pump clicks off? Yeah, that’s the automatic reaction when the gas level reaches capacity. Well, have you ever continued to pump gas after that “click”? What happens? You start to spill gas out of the tank all over the ground. Well it’s the same with your stomach. If you continue to eat before your stomach has the chance to break down the food you’ll start to get spillage. Could be in the form of nausea, throwing up, heart burn, gas… etc. You get the point.

One thing you can do to help your body start to re-train is to eat slowly. When you eat slowly you allow your body time to signal to your brain you are approaching full before you actually start to even feel full. The faster you eat, the less likely those signals will get to your brain in time, so you will continue to eat even though your body is full. So slow down.

The other thing you can do is plan your eating schedule. Now this doesn’t have to be a rigorous schedule but your body needs to be rebooted to know that you aren’t going to continue to gorge whenever you feel like it. Your body has to be retrained to eat ONLY when hungry. So do as much as you can to plan your meals and your eating time. Even if it’s something as small as eating breakfast and lunch at the same time every day. That little change will make a huge impact.

The third thing you can do is drink more water because water is a natural appetite suppressant. Believe it or not, most people cannot tell the difference between hunger pains and thirst pains so before you go stuff your face, drink a cup of water. If you’re still hungry in 30 minutes our so, it’s probably time to eat.

There are many other things you can do you combat eating more food than your body needs. I’ve only addressed a few in this post because I want you to start thinking whether or not you are over eating and the ways you can help to curve your appetite. I would encourage you to find natural ways to curve your appetite and not to use chemically manufactured substances to do so. I don’t endorse any specific product, but there are lots of resources and information online that will help you learn about different ways to control your appetite.

Your body can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. This will be based a lot on what you eat and how often you eat. Be wise; make better decisions day by day. Remember that healthy living is a day -to -day decision. It’s not something you make your mind up that you are going to do and it magically happens. It’s something you have to be disciplined about, educated about and determined to do. Every day!


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It’s so scary! Obesity is becoming a “BIG” problem! We are on the movement of eat less, eat better : ) It gets harder though when you get older…

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  • angelaostafichuk: It's so scary! Obesity is becoming a "BIG" problem! We are on the movement of eat less, eat better : ) It gets harder though when you get older...
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