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It’s easy to make excuses for not working out.

“I don’t feel like it!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I don’t have enough time!”

I’m guilty of saying these myself. Sometimes we get in such a routine of not working out that we don’t realize just how much time in a day we have. How EASY it is to make a work out, out of aything we do. For example… I was training a client and she said “I just can’t find time to work out the other 5 days a week I’m  not training with you.” I said that’s not true, you just have to find ways to make your everyday life a work-out.”

That’s the honest truth… you have to find CREATIVE ways to make your EVERYDAY life a work out.

Here’s just a small list of my Daily Chores that I’ve turned into a mini work-out routine. The key is to focus on making EVERY movement DELIBERATE & EXPLOSIVE!

The Vacuum: Abs in tight, use your abdominal muscles to POWER the vacuum forward and back. Whether you realize it or not there is a TWISTING motion associated with vacuuming, use this time to target your oblilques. REMEMBER DELIBERATE, FOCUSED MOVEMENTS.

Window Washing Squats: Whenever I’m cleaning my windows, I make sure that I’m in a squat position. As I wash up and down the window I maintain a tight squat position, sometimes I’ll hold before I reach back  up to wash the top of the window. The key  here it to make the moven ment deliberate and hold abs in tight, pushing tailbone down to t he floor.

The Sweep: Even when I’m sweeping the floor I’m focused on isolating muscles. Again, abs in tight, using those obliques to POWER the broom across the floor. At the same time, focus on isolating the muscles in your arms. Switch the broom from hand to hand after 5-10 sweeps on each side. DELIBERATE MOVEMENTS!

The Laundry Sort/Wash: This is another chance to work on those legs but also on those hard to conquer obliques. You know “the love handles”. DO NOT BEND AT YOUR BACK WHEN YOU SORT CLOTHES!! That’s a disaster waiting to happen. What I like to do is have my dirty clothes hamper on one side and my sorting baskets on the other side. I’ll get into a lunge position (one leg in front of the other, bending at the knees and keeping that knee from going over the toe), with my abs tight, pusing my tailbone down to the floor, turning my body to the dirty clothes hamper, grabbing one thing at a time, turning at the waist and dropping in the correct “sort” basket. The key again is deliberate movements and keeping the abs tight. Taking one item out to sort at a time makes the workout last a little longer.

The Dishwashing Calf Raise: Yes you can even work out when you wash dishes! I have little SCRAWNY calf muscles, so when I am standing over the sink washing those dishes, I do calf raises. Do short quick burst! Try for 25, then do slow & sustained movements holding at the highest point you can get to with your toes, and then lowering slowly. Alternate between the two.

There are many ways you can make your everyday life into a work-out. No more excuses…

All you really have to do is get creative, make a decision to focus your movements to isolate muscles and be DELIBERATE about it!

 On a Mission to help you, “Live Better &  Live Longer”!




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  • angelaostafichuk: It's so scary! Obesity is becoming a "BIG" problem! We are on the movement of eat less, eat better : ) It gets harder though when you get older...
  • sheletialatrice: Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.
  • TaQuinda Johnson: This is awesome! I will never look at cleaning the same :)